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a·rise /əˈrīz/ "to come into being"
The connection between SEL and academic success is too crucial to ignore. More programs like this are needed to help young people navigate the pressures of school and life
— Teacher, VSB

School culture isn’t built through better policies. It’s built through better relationships.

School is an important setting for supporting the safety and wellness of young people. Arise offers in-class workshops and after-school programming that strengthen student relationships, confidence and wellbeing in a way that ultimately leads to greater academic and personal success.

The Arise School Curriculum equips young students with practical skills and knowledge for their every day lives. Whether it is the daily interactions with peers, dealing with bullying or conflict resolution, Arise Workshops can help students to identify their own personal power, make healthy choices and build a supportive community.

These workshops are not just for schools; they can be for any recreational setting - Community centres, Girl Guides, homeschool groups, church/religious groups, private events, birthday parties, team bonding, etc. Contact us for your event needs!

BC’s Core Competencies

While there are many connections to BC’s Core Competencies, here are some of the key “I can” statements relevant to Arise Programs (see infograph below).

BC Core Competencies Arise Programs


Who: Students in grades 4-7 who identify as girls.

When: Workshops available during school hours and on Pro-D days.

How Many: Minimum 15 participants, maximum 30 participants.

What we need: Mats, Multipurpose Room, Dance Studio, Gym or Classroom and chairs for participants.

*Arise Part 1 and 2 may be combined to form a 5 hour workshop

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