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a·rise /əˈrīz/ "to come into being"

WHO is this for?

Children learn better by doing than by being told or shown what to do. Practice and role playing in a safe and fun environment can help children be emotionally safer. Like many activities we do, the practice of safety skills is stored in our mind and felt in our bodies as ‘muscle memory’. Children who have practiced how to respond appropriately to different situations are likely to do what they’ve practiced in real life.

We believe all young girls need a place that they feel safe and respected; our programs are designed to empower young girls to feel safe, confident and strong in who they are and their place in the world.

Whether your child or loved one struggles with bullies, confidence and self-esteem, or wants better ways to deal with everyday interactions with peers or others, Arise Programs provides a safe space to explore, learn, connect and have fun with other girls and mentors.



Our program curriculum covers the importance of personal power, safety and situational awareness, boundaries and consent, healthy conflict resolution, and positive self esteem.

  • how to recognize and avoid danger

  • how to deal with conflict in a healthy way

  • how to trust and strengthen ones intuition and awareness

  • how to stand up for yourself

  • how to set and maintain boundaries

  • how to physically protect oneself in a worst case scenario

Through this highly interactive program, Girls will gain hands on experience through discussions, personal reflections, role play, jiu-jitsu based self defense techniques and other fun activities and games that delve into important topics while developing safety and empowerment skills that will last a lifetime.

Session Outline

Opening Circle - 10 min

Warm Up - 10 min

Self Defense Technique - 20 min

Cool Down/Break - 10 min

Activity/Discussion/Role Play - 30 min

Reflection + Closing Circle - 10 min


At the end of each program, participants will get an Arise Certificate of completion.


There are many positive outcomes for Arise participants, here are some of the key areas:

Girls self defense program outlines for confidence and empowerment