arise girls


Killarney Community Centre, Vancouver

West end Community centre, vancouver

6-week series || 1.5hr/session || small groups || ages 9-12

What we do

Children learn better by doing than by being told or shown what to do. Practice and role playing in a safe and fun environment can help children be emotionally safer. Like many activities we do, the practice of safety skills is stored in our mind and felt in our bodies as ‘muscle memory’. Children who have practiced how to respond appropriately to different situations are likely to do what they’ve practiced in real life.

Our interactive programs are designed to equip and empower young girls in their everyday lives.

Starting in the Fall and running throughout the year, each program is split into 6-week sessions. Participants can register for one 6-week session or for many!

Each program provides the most important things we think girls need:

  • strategies to being safe, confident and strong

  • techniques to stay calm and reduce stress and anxiety

  • assertiveness training

  • creating and building relationships

  • learning empathy, listening and conflict resolution skills

  • understanding ways to improve self esteem and body image

  • social media/online safety

  • Jiu Jitsu based self defense techniques, exercise & fitness

Each group of girls develops into something very special which revolves around learning, supporting each other, improving fitness together, being non-judgemental, discussing situations and growing and developing ourselves.

Each week is different, each week is fun, each week we laugh, we learn and grow and understand ourselves and each other more. The energy created and the direction the group takes depends on who is there and what we feel we all need to grow and move forward.

Age Ranges

5-8 || 9-12 || 13-15 || 16-18

What else?

(Contact us for more info)

  • In school workshops

  • School and Community Centre programs

  • Homeschool Groups

  • Private/custom parties (birthdays, etc)

  • Team building events

  • Girl Guides